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Documented Dialogues is a new project of the Chicago Artists Coalition to facilitate alternative and auxiliary forms of artist interviews. Rather than simply asking a formulaic set of questions and consequently editing the generated content down, Documented Dialogues serves as an intermediary between individuals, with explicit concerns in the arts, and the broader arts community.

Documented Dialogues provides this platform to allow for discussion, conversation, and dialogue that might enlighten and expose current issues, ideas, and topics among contemporary artists, curators, makers, and thinkers. By taking advantage of often ever-present technology and media, Documented Dialogues aims to present conversations as they emerge by utilizing the strategies of networked communication.

Documented Dialogues is a project of the Chicago Artists Coalition, and is produced and designed by Matt Mehlan and David Hall. A new Documented Dialogue will be featured in each of Chicago Artists Resource’s Bi-Weekly Newsletters.

Featured are conversations between: Paula Pinho Martins Nacif & David Hall, Keeley Heftier & Mark Booth, Selina Trepp & Jesse Malmed; Caroline Picard, Lindsey Dorr-Niro & Lisa Vinebaum; Hausu Mountain (Doug Kaplan + Max Allison) & Matt Mehlan; Jordan Martins, Tselanie Townsend, & Brett Swinney; Tim Kinsella & Brian Case; and more...