Documented Dialogues
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Introducing Documented Dialogues: Artists Interviewing Artists, Digitally

Artists Interviewing Artists, Digitally.

| Documented Dialogues > - a project of the Chicago Artists Coalition - is an alternative and auxiliary form of the artist interview. We initiate conversation between two parties with an active concern in the arts - and documents their dialogue as a fly on the wall, screen, or page. How might the documentation of the interview serve its content rather than abstracting it into an editorial form?

Here we provide the platform for discussion, conversation, dialogue, or sharing that might enlighten and expose current issues, ideas, and topics among contemporary artists, curators, makers, and thinkers - via the technologies and platforms we are already using to communicate with each other. 

| Documented Dialogues > is produced by Matt Mehlan & David Hall.

About CAC:

The mission of the Chicago Artists Coalition is to build a sustainable marketplace for entrepreneurial artists and creatives.

As pioneers in advocacy and professional development, we capitalize on the intersection of art and enterprise by activating collaborative partnerships and developing innovative resources. The Chicago Artists Coalition is committed to cultivating groundbreaking exhibitions and educational opportunities, and to building a diverse community of artistic leaders that defines the place of art and artists in our culture and economy. 

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Matt Mehlan is an artist, musician, and arts worker currently living in Chicago, where he teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

David Hall writes in sentences and often works with materials already charged with significance. David and is the Program Manager of the Chicago Artists Resource.